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ENLIGHTEN is a production company dedicated to crafting stories that shift and uplift the consciousness of the planet.

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i m p a c t f i l m s

☆ combat sexism through female-driven stories ☆

☆ integrate innocence into family-friendly content ☆

☆ blend the lines of genre with magical realism ☆

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A bit about our founder…


Artist  ⚡ Writer ⚡ Filmmaker

Storytelling Shamanism

Since graduating from Chapman University, Dodge College of Film & Media Arts with a Bachelor’s in Screenwriting, Avery Rouda has expanded her narrative craftwork to all corners of the storytelling galaxy.

Avery began Enlighten Productions to help other artists diagnose and solve problems in a given opus. Whether it's a feature screenplay, your next big novel, or a TV show idea swirling in the back of your mind, Avery can help you bring those ideas to light, sharpening the vision so it speaks in the way it was imagined.

When it comes to crafting her passion projects, not a day goes by where Avery doesn't dream, write, edit, or outline one story or another. Currently, she is on tour screening her short film, Dream Catcher, at various film festivals around the world.

For more on Avery’s journey into storytelling, check out the recently published article in the LA Times about her directorial debut: