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Luminous Emptiness

Luminous Emptiness

My self-awareness is focusing in on my body these days...

This gift from the universe, this wonderful treasure which beats, builds, and breathes - senses, releases, and restores. This organism divinely engineered of tissue and bone; intricately woven matter which carries my spirit through this crazy life; keeping it safe, keeping it warm. Each time I meditate, I remember the importance of connection between my monkey mind and my sacred body.

It is imperative my mind works for her, bows to her, shares each drop of energetic love fully and equally with this magical being.

Sometimes, I get out of all kinds of sorts. My brain ignores my body. My soul leaves it behind to wander the galaxies. Or worse: the voice of my body becomes utterly quiet, apathetic, and complacent, causing me to lose sight of her all together.

Thus, I speak to her in art and in prose as her feet walk me through my day. "Keep me with you", I say. "Let me find you, hold you, and let us be here. now. together. always."

I hope she knows my mind is lost without my heart.

For whatever reason, the Psyche likes to think that she alone is in control of all the things pertaining to existence. As if the rivers, winds, and mountains are simply props on the stage of her Ego -- there to provide resources, or to be played upon, or at the very least a colorful vista for the mind's eye to behold.

And yet, the body can tell us the spectacular story of when this planet and this body were one, drifting in the luminous emptiness as a unified, explosive light-being known today as a Star. The body knows all that is unknown.

If you quiet the mind to listen to her sing...

You will illuminate the wisdom within.

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