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Precious Presence

We are living in a very precarious time.

With the threat of nuclear war and the end of the Mayan calendar/dawn of the new age, the idea of apocalyptic doomsday sits heavy in the minds of many. It is unfortunate to say the least.

However, this life is truly a beautiful thing and I think it is important to recognize the infinite wonders to be grateful for as human beings. How about the smell of lavender? What about the taste of your lover's lips in the morning? Consider the heartwarming feeling of a chill leaving your body under a hot shower.

If an asteroid rocketed from outer space, plummeted into our atmosphere, and exploded through the core of our planet tomorrow, I would want the world to know, in the calm before the storm, the following ethos, which has guided me along my journey.


One: Let go. Stop worrying so much. Kick your feet up. Relax. Stop living your life under someone else’s thumb. We get so wrapped up in an ideology of success that we forget to live authentically from the heart. When it comes to living, the spirit must be free to die; it must be free of egotistical tendencies, which keep a model of the monkey matrix alive in our personal and collective experiences. If you are feeling anxious or if you are having depressive thoughts, surrender to them. Breathe through them. Let them out. Send them off. Do not resist your honest nature, but do not let your fears define you. You are the wind. You are the ocean. You are the universe. All of your thoughts and feelings are the elements moving you ... Breathing life into you ... Giving you wings to fly.


Two: Walk in the path of love every moment of your waking and dreaming reality. To live a life devoid of love is not to live a life at all. It is to be the shell of a person who does not hold a warm core. Like the cold core of Mars compared to the gushing core of Earth, there is no honey in the heart of a loveless person. No nectar to nourish another. No gold to transform into prosperity. This moment. This moment right now. It is everything. In this moment, the entire multiverse exists. There is no universe that exists in the past. There is no universe that exists in the future. True existence can only be felt by being in alignment with the movement of time through space. As human beings, we have the incredible power to send our consciousness backwards as to reflect through our memories, and we can propel our consciousness into a future reality or a future vision of the self. Like the Earth orbiting the Sun and the Sun orbiting the Milky Way Galaxy, the eternal energy of the universe flows through you. Divine love flows through you right now and always. You are love. You do not have to do anything or be anybody; simply open your heart and receive.


Three: Speak your truth. Know exactly who you are and shine from your center of confidence. Study that which calls to you from the deepest pocket in your soul. Become the you of your destiny. Do not dare to let outside influencers decide your path. Find the key to your door of opportunity and unlock it - step inside it, shine a light on the shadows, and make yourself at home. For, it is this stage you were born to sing upon. Be yourself, manifest your desires, and define your purpose on this earth, in this time, in this space. Embrace the beautiful spirit that animates your bones, blood, and body. We all have skeletons in our closets. We all have shadows lurking in the corners of our minds. And yet, life is a shape-shifting pursuit of truth. We empower ourselves to transform nightmares into beauty. Art is the harmonic dance of light and dark, good and evil, yin and yang. Trust your sacred, creative spark. Light candles. Plant seeds. 


Your time here is precious.


Earth Feels

Earth Feels

Enjoy the Ride

Enjoy the Ride