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we are here to give life meaning ☼

Blessed by the Stars

Blessed by the Stars

A present from the Cosmos,

Handed down by Time,

Circling the galaxy like an infinity loop -

Dynamically dimming the eternal shine.

Fulfilled and flowered by this wind,

Where rich oceans dwell in total Zen,

And skies of powder blue share their love,

Deep within the soils and Souls of all.

Our connection to Creation.

Like an umbilical cord to God -

The rivers be Her arteries.

The sea be Her heart.

Each tree planted be Her lung -

And with each breath we hold Her air,

Like an embrace from the divine,

We feel ourselves falling for Time.

Though we may not deserve this gift -

This immense blessing from the stars -

Earth holds out hope for Her children.

At night, if you close your eyes,

And quiet the misguided mind,

And open your listening heart,

You may hear Her whisper,

Her Voice will call you inward -

Smooth as ice and strong as thunder,

Soft as a willow and unseen like the atom.

She is here.

And she whispers.

And she waits.

And she writes Her poetry,

And she sings Her songs,

Willing us to see...

Urging us to wake from reality,

To fall into Her arms fearlessly.

Ego Death

Ego Death

The Journey

The Journey