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How to Stop Being a Robot and Start Being a Human

How to Stop Being a Robot and Start Being a Human

Sometimes it feels like we humans have lost touch with reality.

Ever think: I know I’m a human being, but I feel like a robot.

For some reason, our collective unconscious has veered humankind from authentic existence.

The reality is, we are sensitive, fun-loving, natural people of Earth and of the Continuum, ever-exploring ourselves and our environmental surroundings. We know how to survive and we always feel our best when we thrive.


Below is a list of ideas that may help you connect to your core.


How to Stop Being a Robot and Start Being a Human

Delete Social Media Apps on Your Phone Just try it out for a few days or even a week if you're looking to change things up. Your Instagram, Facebook, and dare I say Snapchat profiles will all still be there when you load them back onto your phone - so go ahead and delete them now to help you feel more centered!

Turn Off All Types of Notifications Another great way to free yourself from robo-chains is to open your Settings and switch all Notifications to OFF. I know -- "I need to check my work emails ... Facebook is part of my business ... how will I remember to take birth control?" Hey, you can always turn them back ON!

Silence Ringer and Vibrate on Phone Less of a hindrance to your daily routine is to opt for total silence. Go to Settings > Sounds > Vibrate and click both "Vibrate on Ring" and "Vibrate on Silence" OFF.  That way, you will only attend to your phone when you want to, not the other way around.

Decrease Use of Microwave Ah, the microwave! What an invention. Try excluding microwavables from your habit. Microwaved food gets utterly rewired from the radiation waves to the point where your human body fails to even speak this mutated, chemical language during digestion.

Increase Eye Contact with Fellow Humans Whether you are an extrovert or an introvert, when you lock eyes with a stranger and connect on this deep level for no reason but the fact that you happened to pass each other in this precise moment in time, on this exact place in space is one of the small wonders of being human.

Turn Off Corporatized Radio Must I say more? All day long, when you ride around listening to hooblah from the mainstream, your brain literally powers down for a nap and your robotic lifestyle ensues. Try listening to your own tunes for a change! Scour the underground music scene for artists that pique your fancy.

Turn Off Corporatized News And, again - what more is there to say? They talk your ear off, wearing fancy clothes with nice, firm, artificial hair - but do they really make any sense? Watch Vice News or Netflix Documentaries instead. Try to widen your worldly perspective to keep your humanity engaged!

Eat Real (Organic) Human Food Whether you're a Vegan, a Carnivore, or a Bretharian (are those real?) you should focus on eating organic foods. A huge misconception about dieting is that you have to eat all or nothing in one diet realm or another, but the best diet for YOU is not the best for someone else - so listen to your body and read the labels. If the ingredients are long and robotic, back away...

Do Not Eat Fellow Animals (Everyday) Our most human qualities are animal in nature. It is true that we live in a circle of life, but we humans by no means fall within the food chain. We are the food chain and we kill our own humanity bit-by-bit when we ignore the pain and suffering of animals. Eat animals if you must, but eat less. Our ancestors did not eat three burgers a day.

Deactivate Facebook for Extended Periods of Time Another great tech-central way to eliminate robotic tendencies in your life, is to straight-up deactivate your Facebook -- WHAT?! Have no fear, for all your information, friends, and photos will stay in the database, so you can come back on anytime you want! Try it out. Friends will still text you to come to their parties. Don't sweat.

Exercise Human Body Regularly Anyway, speaking of sweating, be sure to get the blood pumping in that living / breathing body of yours. Sometimes, we can go days, weeks, and even months without getting proper exercise. These human bodies were made for fitness! We are Olympians, you know?

Express Being Human by Creating Art Find the artist within and explore your own imagination. Buy yourself a sewing machine, or a pile of canvases, or maybe a simple sketch pad and just go to town! It is so important to release the sunshine of your Solar Plexus out into the world. Let loose and grow something great!

Impress Your Humanness by Studying Art Find the artist who inspires you. Visit the museums in your neighborhoods and cities. See the world through the subjective eyes of each creator who has set out to explore the imagination. Art is such a beautiful thing - Humankind's interpretation of all that ever is, or was, or will be. Get lost...

View Time as Infinite vs a Clock As robots, we tend to stick to the routine. BEEP - BEEP - BEEP brings us from dream state into the waking world, and it's just stuck-in-a-rut ville from here. You look down at your watch with a sigh and stay on course, despite your creeping apathy. Try opening your mind to the truth about time -- it is infinite. Scary? Maybe, but the possibilities are endless and so are you. How exciting!

Explore New Worlds Out There Hit the road, Jack! Get out of dodge! Plan that trip you always wanted to take and, so help your happiness, TAKE IT. Backpack all around the world. Quit your job - which you never wanted anyway. The Universe will meet you halfway, but you must first take that rushing leap of faith.

Explore New Worlds In Here Ever wanted to slip into the campgrounds with your friends to experiment?  Psychedelics are, unfortunately, taboo because they turn your robot perspective on its head. This machine world of black-and-white instantly awakens into a world of color. Everything makes sense. Try it out...

Watch The Cosmos and Planet Earth on Netflix And, if all else fails, crawl into bed, open your laptop, and stream some nature vibes through Netflix. These are both remarkably well-done shows. One feels as though she is flying through space while watching The Cosmos or living like a bird in the Amazon with Planet Earth.


In the name of all that is being, you must make your precious human experience as brilliant as the stars!

Try out the tips above to unwind your left brain and to rediscover your whole human being.

We are embedded in nature – one with the infinite.

You are a Universe.