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we are here to give life meaning ☼

Diamond in the Rough

We want a legacy of integrity as a species. We want unity and harmony with one another and with nature.

We want everlasting joy - the true essence of freewill and freedom.

Good news is: We are made of stars and have an incredible power to shine.

A noble destiny - for this planet and for ourselves as a collective - is as possible as the reflections in a diamond. Let's aim high! Let's set our sights on a wondrous future!

Let us grow beautiful gardens into the earth.

Let us build magnificent crafts from the earth.

Let us explore sacred places in the imagination - which is the land of creativity, the creators, the Gods - so that we might weld dream and truth together like airplanes, poetry, and math.

Every day is another chance to raise your vibration - to smile into the rays of sunlight and to step into the center of peace that exists inside your own heart.

For the love of trees, recycle.

For the love of water, be conscious.

For the love of humanity, slip on another's shoes.

For the love of happiness, make peace with your own emptiness.


You are the stars and the space around it.

"Shine on you craaaaazy diamond." - Pink Floyd

Voice of Reason

Voice of Reason

Embrace Your Radiance

Embrace Your Radiance