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Hero's Journey

It is funny that Man has trouble relating to animals and to nature, yet wants to create a relationship with robots.

Man wants to become the Hero, yearns to become the Maker. Nowadays, Man has gotten busy inventing beings who look like us, talk like us, and walk like us, but don't know anything about us. They know the internet. They know patterns. But they do not know Earth. Robots are cool and I'm all for it, but I believe we ought to have an open discussion about what it is we are really doing -- really.

The question that stands is: Will robots be our friends, exist as a free energy, and all around make human life more harmonic? The answer is tricky, so let's weigh the odds.

A friend is your heart in another person. It is the deep connection to a person who sees you for your whole self and loves that about you. Friends keep you grounded when you lose your head and lift you higher, by knowing how, if you're feeling down. This is what we call a friend. Are you willing to let a machine hold that same title?

Next, what do I mean by free energy? Free energy stands for a notion that gives one the ability to live in peace using a balanced amount of resources relating to your instincts, lifestyle, and comfortability. It means the chance to relax and have someone else handle it. It means the chance to travel the world, taste every food there is to taste, swim in crystal clear blue waters, and fall in love with a Brazilian. It means a lesser obsession with capitalism, economics, and Wall Street. Robots are today a prototype of free energy - But it's not the only one. Our options are renewable energy like the sun, the winds, the ocean currents, and particle physics or very strong, not very empathetic, and completely alien robotics.

Lastly, the aspect still in question is: Will we create a more harmonic world in the twenty-first century by inventing conscious machines? Let's look around, shall we? What we find are people who refuse to love their neighbor. We see people who torture and kill animals for greed, gluttony, and wrath. We see trees falling, oceans rising, and wildlife suffering. Maybe robots will help us with the heavy lifting required to rebuild the environment. Maybe we got ourselves into this mess and we have the power to get ourselves out. Either way, we need a hero.

So let's get our hands dirty! Let's discover free energy! Let's harness the natural resources floating and moving all around. Let's follow our own inner leader and trust ourselves to change the world. Because, well, what else are we going to do?

Hopefully, we as a collective body, can come together to make this world a better and safer place for all life. Maybe DARPA will create a Superman, but most likely we'll just have to keep stuffing our faces with Marvel movies.

Open your eye. You are your own hero.

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