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Optimistic Anemone

Optimistic Anemone

Hear the music of the trees and your heart will always dance

See the colors of the cosmos and your eye will understand

Feel at peace with time's eternity to fall in love forever

Dream with every breath so your conscious can remember

Sway easy with the shifting winds to always find your groove

Become the mountain, bold and brave, to overcome your mood

Grow your soul from seed to self to fly beyond the skies

Circle around and connect the dots like planets in your eyes

Touch starlight with your fingertips to feel your heartbeat pound

Plant your feet with every thought to sink deeply to the ground

For black and white may bound us in this current of space and time

But a flower of life will always blossom in the garden of your mind

Waters of Time

Waters of Time

Oasis in Space

Oasis in Space