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Illusion of Separation

Illusion of Separation

How could you feel lonely when you are literally whole and fully connected to everything that ever was or is?!?! Okay... It sounds wild and quite hard to imagine how in the galaxies this makes sense, but hear me out (read me out).

This Universe and the beings who exist within are like the Human Body and the cells that live within. We don't separate the cells and identify them all individually. Doctors do, but for purpose of this post let's think like everyday people. We don't say "yeah, one of my stomach cells didn't agree with that broccoli I had. That cell needs to figure it out" - No, we say, I have a stomach ache. Me. This one thing - My body, is aching and I need some good 'ol ginger juice. Anyway, the cells connect to the consciousness and you all work together to make the ache go away.

The same is true for a Human Being in relation to the Universe. You are a cell in this Cosmic Body of stars, energies, and absolute magic. Try to imagine and intuitively understand that this Infinite Body of matter and motion is not only an extension of your Infinite Soul, but it is literally and metaphysically YOU. You are not alone here. You are divine.


It is true that sometimes the hardest things to see are the things right in front of your face. A cell cannot fully understand the reality of the Body, but still they work to serve a greater purpose. Thank you cells for keeping us Humans healthy!

As conscious life-forms in the body of the Universe, we too serve a greater purpose. No, it's not to fill your pockets or to inflate your Ego.  It's not to collect likes or followers or status. We are here to make this Universe a healthy one. We are here to radiate rad vibes.

AKA, the thing to do is SHINE!

Adventure. Wander. Get lost in your dreams to discover your ultimate potential. Grow your heart space. Identify with nothing and get to know everything. Be at peace, but be able to adapt with the flow of tides. Know the path you walk, but challenge your self to reach wonders. Listen to Prana. Connect to your Soul. Fall in love with this world every single day that you rise. Be grateful for the little things. Manifest the big things. And trust your inner voice over all else.

I really and truly hope whoever reads this finds some truth here - Unless you already know ;)

Loneliness is a terrible feeling that can just grip your core and rattle your peace. Love is infinite though and the reality is, you are not one bit separated from everything else. The Universe holds you.

Infinite Love and Peace and Balance and Success to all.

In It to Shift It

In It to Shift It

Thich Nhat Hanh - The Monk, The Myth, The Legend

Thich Nhat Hanh - The Monk, The Myth, The Legend