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Trust Your Chronos

Trust Your Chronos

A fruit blossoms when, and only when, it is ripe.

To the tree, the only Time is the one that is right.

Grow and create and may your Love leave a seed.

For it all is infinite, so believe what is not seen.

Feel your heart beat. Know your breath.

Be present and active and shine as your best.

Never let fear of failure keep you from playing the game.

Always share with others, care for others, and look beyond a name.

Put your passion into play. Have faith in journey.

Above all, let your inner voice show you the way.

The right people will find you, as long as you are in the right place.

We cannot control Time, but we can dive deep to a still space.

Quiet your mind. Hear your truth. Have patience in the things you yearn.

You will find great peace if you have the strength to wait your turn.

You will see that Time is not a wrinkle on a loved one's face.

Time is not rings on a tree.

Nor numbers on a screen.

Time is the fading of a wet footprint on a hot pavement.

It is your shadow on a walk under the shining sun.

It is the ocean current, swaying with the pull of space.

It is the emotional energy, moving with the push of space.

As this new year comes to focus and the tides change once more,

I ask you to see your physicality, but also to listen to your core.

I ask you to think with your brain, but also to feel with your soul.

Manifest your dreams by living the fullness of your force.

You are divine and this moment is whole.

Your fruit will blossom from the beauty of what you source.

Love, feel Love, and keep up the good flow.


You Are What You Eat

You Are What You Eat

Love and Feel Love

Love and Feel Love