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Understanding Climate Change

Understanding Climate Change

Is your planet suffering from Greenhouse Gases? Do you ever feel like your Globe is Warming?

Climate Change is an extremely uncomfortable condition and, if left untreated, could result in a global health crisis or, in severe cases, species extinction.

What causes Climate Change?

Climate Change can be caused by an irritation in the atmosphere due to an excessive use of fossil fuels. It may also be caused by any of the following:

  • Methane Emissions via Cattle Farming
  • Destruction of Tropical Forests via Cattle Farming
  • Destruction of Tropical Forests via Palm Oil Farming
  • Chemical Pollutants in the Planetary Body
    • plastics in goods, packaging, dumping grounds, oceans
    • pesticides in fertilizer, crops, run-off rivers, streams, oceans
    • chemicals in foods, pills, drinks, bodies, sewages, oceans
  • Failed Education Systems, Government Institutions, and Global Leadership

What are the Symptoms of Climate Change?

Symptoms of Climate Change may vary among individual areas on the planet. Though some places may show little signs of Climate Change, it is recommended to consider all scientific data in an effort to decrease risk of delusion or denial.

Most common symptoms include, but are not limited to:

  • Rising Sea Levels
  • Rising Sea Temperatures
  • Increase Rain Fall, Storm Strength, and Floods
  • More Frequent Forest Fires
  • Droughts in Previously Sustainable Regions
  • Increase Numbers of Unsustainable Regions
  • Landslides, Mudslides, Glacier Slides
  • Discovery of Ice Age Skeletons (which is actually so sick)
  • Spreading of Bacteria and Viruses
  • Disappearance of Coral Reefs and Other Precious Wildlife
  • Increase of Emails in InBox about Species in Danger of Extinction
  • Increase Human on Human Violence
  • Increase of Deep, Soul Shaking Worries about Species Survival

If Climate Change on a planet is left untreated, it can lead to a severe loss of natural resources and a great risk of a mass extinction.

What is the Treatment for Climate Change?

If your planet is diagnosed with Climate Change, you might consider reflecting deeply on your personal impact on the planet.  Treatments for a globe in a state of warming usually involves:

  • Energy Efficiency
    • Wind, Wave, and Solar Powered Energy
  • CDR - Carbon Dioxide Removal
    • Technologies to Drain CO2 from Atmosphere
  • Conserve Water and Power
    • Unplug when Unused
    • Be Resourceful, Not Wasteful
  • Consume Consciously
    • Avoid MEAT, DAIRY, and PALM OIL

For more information on the above treatments for a planet in distress, please visit your cyberhood search engine and EDUMACATE YO'SELF.

If Climate Change symptoms persist, call your doctor immediately and have him/her help you build an underground shelter to hibernate inside of for the rest of time.

Love and Feel Love

Love and Feel Love

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