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Life on Earth

Life on Earth

I've said it before and I'll say it again... Humans of the Earth. Please understand the damage we are doing. Decide for yourself what future you want welcoming our children and our children's children. It is easy to blame the big corporations for polluting our planet and for wiping out our natural resources, but in actuality the fault belongs to the entire population.

I realize most people do not think about the environmental dangers we face present day. Noticeably so, humans decide to ignore the reality and instead focus on trivial worries aside from the big picture. Well the truth is the big picture is staring us down. Earth is screaming for the invasive species (humans) to quiet down so that a harmonic ecosystem can flourish once more.

The environmental issues are endless and the answers to the problems are hard to grasp. What you do as a person, as a being on this wonderful planet, is up to you. God, or whatever you want to call it, gave us a chance to prosper. This planet has provided everything from a cool breeze on a hot day to the magic of life itself.

Here are a few ways you can make a positive impact on this planet:

Radiate Good Energy

Take responsibility for your self. Deal with your own inner demons so that you can help others heal. Center your being. Smile at those little things that bring you joy. Sing when you feel like it and dance when you're stuck. Make the world a better place just by being in it. Don't let bad vibes get you down. Be a rubber band and kill 'em all with kindness.



Eat Less Meat

Slaughter houses. Chicken farms. Bloodied and stir crazy pigs spending their whole lives in a cage the size of a bathroom stall. Their whole lives! What kind of energy is that? Our Earth is polluted by the methane and carbon dioxide we use to fuel this operation, but even worse our planet is absorbing this atrocity. Mother Earth hears these animals cry for help just like they hear each other scream for their lives each time one of them is murdered. It is toxic. It is wrong. Whether you love the taste of meat or not is irrelevant. If you care about the Earth, eat less meat and dial down your support for this despicable crime against nature.


Gain Perspective

Travel the world. Read a novel. Google search interesting facts. Find out about trending news and grow your consciousness. Those who are aware have power, and those who have power can hold a conversation, which could inevitably change the entire view-point of society. One who rallies for good, based on a foundation of knowledge and compassion, can undoubtedly shift the course of the planet. Did MLK give up on gaining civil rights when he was facing a nation of nay sayers? Did Mahatma Gandhi back down when the fear of death lingered all around him? The answer is no. Both were educated beyond the reality and knew they had a moral obligation to give people the life all beings deserved... Freedom.

Art by Daniel Ramirez

Art by Daniel Ramirez


Get Money Off Your Mind

Money drives greed. Greed fuels the distance between human beings and nature. Why is it so socially acceptable for people to lust for the green when old teachings call it a sin? Why do we associate success with the amount of dead trees one carries in their back pocket? Or the numbers in a bank account? To me, the credit system is a convoluted depiction of commerce trade.  We've fallen from the foundation and have totally exhausted the planet to supply our obsession, in every sense. Materialism and capitalism have turned us into maniacs. Products are created as additives to life, which have ulimatley jeapordized our chance at sustainable life. Deforestation? Ocean extinction? Smog in Beijing? The drought in Cali? Hello?? Is anyone seeing what I'm seeing??

It's like the children's story by Shel Silverstein. The boy and The Giving Tree.


We've all read the book, but still we have hurt the trees over and over again for our own needs. Will we be like the boy and realize we we're wrong once nature is gone, or will we wake up before devastation is total? Pay attention to what you buy. Put your money to good use and donate to organizations that matter.



In short, remind your person to reduce, to reuse, and to recycle. Never underestimate the power of love. There are ways to live a fulfilling life while making a positive impact on the planet. In honor of Earth Day, reflect upon your choices. Take a moment and a mind to see clearly. Understand that we have done damage to Earth. Be the light, don't embrace the dark. Make it a better place for all of the life on Earth.

Puppets and Hummingbirds

Puppets and Hummingbirds

Day Break

Day Break