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Being Human

Being Human

If you think about it, the ocean is a long lost friend. If all life began by the sway of the tides - by atoms combining proteins, sugars, and carbon dioxides, then does that mean humans are related to the seas?

The timeline of life dates back 4,000 million years, which is the equivalent to 4 billion in the English language. To put it into perspective, that's a number less than some billionaire's net worth. Before humans claimed the earth, a whopping .001 percent of the timeframe, the planet was ruled by ocean life. If you'd like a full history lesson this link has great insight>

Modern humans, the people in history who look similar to you and I today, have walked this earth for a measly 200,000 years. In that short time, we've spent our industrialized and materialized lives destroying the precious gifts our earth has offered us. Not only have we, without thought, damaged the environment as a whole, but we've also used and abused most other species for our own benefits- here is another great link that talks about animals in our world today>

I hope one day soon we all will wake-up and appreciate more of the beautiful things in this world. We should be more understanding of our planet who's circling life is in sync with a universal time clock humans of today may never fully comprehend. Mother Nature does not belong to us, nor does she abide by our egotistical rules. She is a massive soul, which needs to be gardened and respected so future generations of life will live in prosperity.

Just by looking out into the ocean's horizon and watching her waves sway like a rocking fishbowl, you will be inspired to help her flourish. Glancing up at a massive tree, with toe nail like bark growing around its body, may make you wonder why our veins resemble the veins in its leaves. The sky could paint a color your eyes have never seen before, while a gaze toward the stars will make your heartbeat faint. The universe is waiting patiently for us to quiet our conscious egos so we can grow beyond this clouded sense. 

I Meditate and I run, I do Yoga, draw, take pictures of flowers and climb trees. I star gaze when I feel like it and try to appreciate the little things like a smile from a homeless man, my favorite songs, or a conversation with a parrot. 

Though these things may sound silly, I have a good idea about the direction of my own life and a path I imagine I want to follow. It's full of compassion for our planet, our species, and all other living things on earth. Whether our paths collide or not, I challenge you to do the same.

Think for yourself, trust your instincts and know what it feels like to do a good deed. As our earth circles the sun tonight and the moon makes her mark, let your mind circle through your passions in hopes you'll find your own righteous spark.

I know one day we humans will see the light, but I just hope that day comes soon.

Peace and love for all the beautiful things.

Here We Are

Here We Are

Mood Rings

Mood Rings