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Big Picture

Big Picture

Alright guys (and by that I mean girls and boys), I think there is a misconception about how to tackle the current political issues regarding equal pay in the United States. First off, politics are politics, and politicians are always, always playing the game to win. Yes, there are the politicians who strive to fulfill a 'pursuit of happiness' for all, but this generally isn't the case. For the most part, our government has utterly corrupted itself into an ornate group of opinionated wax figures each having their own power-agenda to serve.I'm not someone who enjoys politics. Personally, I find it exhausting. I do know, however, how important it is to be fully aware of social changes.  For those of you who don't know, last week the Obama legislation introduced the Paycheck Fairness Actto the senate. Long legislation short, this bill would further establish a "fair" workplace for women in the US. Well, the bill didn't pass because Republicans claim Obama and the democratic party are out to make them look bad, which they probably are. So, naturally, these debates have resulted in another battle between the two parties as to demonstrate who cares most about women and, thus, who we should vote for in the next election…  Ah, politics. Aren't they wonderful?

So anyway, if the definition of a feminist is "the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities", which it is and that was rhetoric, then wrap my hair in a polka-dot bandana and call me Rosie the Riveter. Listen, women of the world, I know too many of you who are scared to be labeled a Feminist. Being a feminist doesn't mean you have to be a hard-ass and fight men on the little things, but it does mean that you care enough to be heard as a being. You are a person worth just as much, even in the literal form of a paycheck, as a man.

Now in regards to this "War on Women" theme, I think we, as a nation, need to look past the government tactics and view the screen as a much bigger picture.  Contrary to popular belief, we are not the most sophisticated, top-notch, idealized country in the world. Greed for power and money is what really rules our country, not compassion for the pursuit of happiness.  

Rally against the real issues, rather than a "23 cents" difference in a paycheck. "War on Women" is a civil war. History can show us how easy it is to start one. The hard thing to do is to accept responsibility for unjust actions and move forward into a greater future. We don't need to focus our time and energy on a change in legislature that should have happened almost a century ago.  Our congress needs to accept responsibility for stupidity, pass the bill, and be done with it so we can focus on our ever present reality. Hello 40 year recession...

As time goes on and as people begin to realize that we do not own the planet, we do not make the rules, and we are all part of the same whole, then hopefully all will find the right path.

After spending time abroad, in France, I've realized many things about America I was blind to before.  I've always felt things are too hard for my working parents who are forced to take their work home with them, who are taxed 60% for every dollar to support government policies, who are better off than 99% of people in our nation and yet still need to worry about the future. For my friends who are enrolled in colleges across the nation, who are forced to choose one "passion", gain a bachelors in one subject of study, graduate as a labeled item on a conveyor belt with a degree in hand and forced into a desk job with zero time to pursue happiness and instead acquire a constant anxiety concerning financial security. A possible connection to the increasing levels of ADD and ADHD among adults?

It's clear, the "American Dream" does not exist anymore, but, personally, I'm not one to settle for less than a life full to the brim of pure happiness. You will never see me stuck in a cubicle- thinking inside a box.

So yes, women should be paid a fair wage to men and wealth should be dispersed fairly in America, and giant corporations shouldn't be holding hands with representatives of congress- but alas that's the U.S. of A. for you.

I don't have all the answers, but I can recognize the problems, which I think is the first step. Next is to take action. I am a writer. I am learning to write stories in a way where the reader questions unscrupulous behavior without being fully aware the story has a deep rooted meaning. That's the way I'm going to change the world. How about you? How are you going to change the world to make it reflect your idea of happiness? The internet is a powerful tool, and if used the right way, can make a sincere difference in the world. Broadcast your opinions about whats going on in our country. Start from there and know in your heart that you will make a difference.

Do what you can to paint a bigger picture and help make the world a better place.

Thanks for reading.


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