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Perceptive Poetry

Perceptive Poetry

Dead Eyes

You've got the dead eyes.

That sad stare, that tired look.

All I want to know is why?

It's common, I know, and it comes, and it goes-

But if you find your light, you will see yourself glow.

Deep within each and every one

We all have something that echoes the sun.

These dead eyes, I find, we have to leave them behind.

They're just no good, they poison the mind.

So the next time you find your eyes start to glaze

And your mind begins to dream of another place.

Remember these words, and find peace within-

Because those dead eyes will go, once your passion begins.


Eye Twitch

I like the feeling of my eye lid twitching.

It's an exhausted inner itching- tempting me.

To fall asleep and give up on holding something true.

Instead I'll dive into a dream thought of you.

With every quiver of my lid I wander in and out of focus,

like a hocus pocus.

I'm so tired, but I hold on- I hold open,


I'm searching for my dream here while I wake.

A day dream perhaps.

All you'll ever be, to me, for now.

My little itch.

The quiver on my lid.


Beckoning me to join the land of illusion-

A closing conclusion.


An Eye for An Eye

Sometimes if you really want to get where you're going, you have to give up parts of you that live inside your comfort zone.

You will grow, you will gain wisdom, learn and live to find yourself in what was already inside to begin with.

Free fall into the uncertain, because the only way to find yourself in this messed up world is to lose yourself in everything about it.

Reach your own level of understanding and give it all you got. I promise all will come full circle if you give an eye for an eye.

This Is Water

This Is Water

Stretch Your Senses

Stretch Your Senses