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Make a Change

Make a Change

Things are getting too normal and I need to make a change... I think, around this time every year, I feel compelled to change something small in my regular routine of life. It keeps me from simply going through the motions. It adds a new flavor to my everyday ice cream cone.

When I feel this desire for change I find myself planing out ways to rearrange my bedroom. That, my friends, is a task in a half. I throw out the hoarded piles of receipts that I thought I would need to refer back to, the ripped off clothing tags that never found the trash, the random little "note-to-self"s. Just a little tidying up and I've already got a cleaner space.

If I want to get seriously clean, I'll get out the vacuum and suck my rug of the dust so that my afternoon floor naps are more appealing. Ya, I nap on the floor sometimes… It's probably another way I add variety to my everyday, but I hadn't even thought of that until now.

Life can get tedious sometimes. Trust me, I have been the victim to the phrase - "I'm stuck in a rut".

Well, I don't think you should ever feel stuck, let alone inside a rut, because neither of those things seem like a good way to spend your time. Instead you should be smiling- EVERYDAY, from something new and exciting! But, this happiness all starts with you. You have to take the initiative. You have to be the one to make that change.

Here are some things you may want to try. You can pick one for this week, and another for the next, and then from there you will want to try coming up with them on your own!

Spontaneity is also an easy way to keep your happiness stimulated.

  • Discover a new hobby
  • Go for a long walk
  • Stretch out your limbs
  • Paint your nails, or cut your hair
  • Paint on a blank canvas
  • Cut something sweet from your diet
  • Find a good movie and watch the good movie
  • Find a new book and read the new book
  • Buy yourself a little present
  • Cook a nice meal, eat a nice meal
  • Write in a journal
  • Write on a blog
  • or Rearrange your bedroom  :)

Stretch your brain and make that change. "JAMONE"!!!






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