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The Deep End

The Deep End

Why are people afraid to think deeply? What actually happens when you think beyond the tip of the iceberg?

The collected thoughts all stem from the same field of grass. A pool of thought- your inner soul. Swim down into the deep water past the surface. Get acquainted with everything about yourself. Find out how to make the most of your life just by understanding what matters to you and by noticing how you truly perceive the world.

A passion for life begins with perspective. Anything is possible to achieve because the truth of your own reality is entirely relative to the way you process information. Don't be afraid to dig deeper. To understand your feelings and come to terms with them. It really does help to be aware. Try meditating, perhaps, to allow your subconscious to stretch its legs and do some spring cleaning. Sort out the negative vibes.

When you get nervous do you pick at your nails?

When you're excited do you cover your mouth with your hand?

When you've grown tired of the conversation does your mind wander?

All of these things are natural, but the cool part is that when you begin to understand the reasons for them they start to happen less. It's a small victory to stop biting your nails, but to be fully synergistic with your mind would be another level.

Try meditating. Try realizing your habits and understanding them. Also try to realize what truly makes you happy and stick around those things. They make you feel happy for a reason and it's different for everyone.

Think deeply. Consider obstacles. Show compassion. Shed tears. Keep moving. Smile wide. Laugh hard. Stay focused. And always Embrace love. 

See ya at the high-dive.

Lazy Days, Writing Waves

Lazy Days, Writing Waves

White Daisies

White Daisies