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A Word from Albert and I

A Word from Albert and I


How are we still so far behind in our level of thinking? Let's take a trip back through the pages of our his/hertory books. In the 19th century when the meat packing industry in America was booming and the construction of railroads made the transportation of goods for mass consumption easy. Back when the cool refrigerator and the toxic microwave was invented to make our lovely lives easier. When businesses were thriving with the ignorant economics of mass consumerism. When the avalanche of unhealthy American lifestyles crashed through the hopeful mountains freezing us in the recession that is America today.

During this time our nation introduced meat into their daily diet and became addicted to the stuff. Without our knowledge, we were being drugged. And to this day, we still are… The chemical known as Hypoxanthine stimulates the central nervous system in the same way caffeine from coffee does; making meat highly addictive and dangerously high in demand. This chemical becomes more abundant dependent on the degree of aging. Hypoxanthine can also be found in fish.

So… What to do about this mess we've made for ourselves? If we can all try and take a step back for a moment and consider- seriously consider Vegetarianism, then I promise to everyone out there on the World Wide Web, that this world will be a better place. If you care at all about the earth, about life on earth, about the future, then I challenge you to try the life of a Vegetarian.

Remind yourself when you're mouth begins to water while looking at an advertisement for McDonalds that the advertisers want to take your money- they don't want to help you find a healthy and happy life. When your friend orders a plate of meat and it smells so good, you want a bite so bad and you almost ask for a nibble- remind yourself that the meat on that plate was a beautiful animal with thoughts of its own (don't tell your friend these things, they might be offended given the situation). When you become convinced you haven't had enough protein today and you just need that chicken breast to get you through the day, remind yourself that animal proteins eat away at the calcium in your bones and that plant-based foods have just enough protein (sometimes more) in them to get your daily-fill. At the end of the day smile and realize you've gained energy to think deeply without tiring, you've gained health to stretch without aching, and most importantly you've gained the rich soulful happiness an individual who doesn't consume animals posses.

It's not a myth… Vegetarianism is a peaceful and natural way of life.

Think about it...



"Nothing will benefit more and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as the evolution to a vegetarian diet."

Albert Einstein

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Hippies Welcome

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