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Riding the Writing Wave to New York

Riding the Writing Wave to New York

Hello!! Okay so it's summer and I've been entirely captivated by the ebb and flow of the waves crashing into shore near my home in Laguna. I have seriously spent everyday at the beach- alone or with company depending on the day, but regardless the beach has been my home away from home away from home now for about 3 weeks. Not only have I been washed over by the beauty of the ocean, but I am also overcome with a wave of creative writing. I can't stop. I have like three notebooks going strong- filling up as the days go by with poems, songs, stories, and even just a mix of words that are thrown together on a page... Anyway, I realized I have a whole other portal to surf this writing wave to creative freedom- my blissful little blog! 

I am currently on my way to New York to visit my friends who are being big girls, in the big city, working at a big time office, doing big things. In the present moment my biggest thing I've got goin' on here is the fact that I've got Wi-Fi on the plane.  It's pretty cool, big things comin' my way, I knoww... So I thought, in the spirit of travel and airports and the whole hustle and bustle of this chaotic process that I would write about it.


Unattended Luggage

Do not leave luggage unattended;

Unattended luggage will be confiscated.

Do not leave your outlet unattended;

Unattended outlets will be confiscated.

Do not leave your armrest unattended;

Unattended armrests will be confiscated.

Do not leave your sanity unattended;

Your sanity will be confiscated.




My arm falls asleep, but I keep rollin.

I bump a trashcan, but I'm still goin.

I run over a foot, but I stay steady,

Then my purse falls, but I was ready.

I zoom in and out, around the crowd.

"893, last call for boarding" is spoken loud.

I whip out my pass, I'm just in time,

Now I smile, rollin’ easy down the line.


Moving Feet

There are so many moving feet,

Feet moving sideways, feet moving forward, feet moving back.

Feet moving together, feet moving slow, feet moving fast.

There are big feet that take long strides,

There are tiny feet that scurry along side.

Feet that are bare, even some without hair.

Feet that share, feet that trample without care.

Waiting feet, pacing feet, flying feet, and stirring feet.

Feet come, feet go, but something I’ll never know.

How do moving feet always have somewhere to go?



The Pros and Cons of the Window Seat.

You can look out the window at the beauty below, but if you’re scarred of heights I would just go ahead and keep that blind closed.

You can rest your head against the wall and snooze, but the noise and vibrations of the engine could be a bit distracting.

You can avoid being snagged by the flight attendants cart, but if you want a drink or a snack forget it. You’re way to far away.

You can dodge having to get up for people to use the restroom, but if you want to use the restroom… Well you’re just an asshole.

I mean the Aisle seat is no walk in the park either, and Middle seat- well enough said, but the ups and downs (pun) of a Window Seat are somewhat nauseating. Good thing there’s a barf bag conveniently located in every seat back pocket!



Well that’ll do it for my writing wave of the day. 


Finding Purpose

Finding Purpose

Silver and Gold

Silver and Gold