Artist  ⚡ Writer ⚡ Filmmaker

Avery Rouda is a Los Angeles based Storyteller.

Since graduating from Chapman University, Dodge College of Film & Media Arts with a B.A. in Screenwriting '2015, Avery Rouda has expanded her literary craftwork to all corners of the storytelling galaxy.

Her credits include: Showrunner's Assistant to the Executive Producers of The Celebrity Apprentice Season 15, Director's Assistant to Julius Onah on Bad Robot/Paramount/Netflix produced film, The Cloverfield Paradox, and Story Editor on the acclaimed documentary by Living on One, Salam Neighbor. In addition to her production roles, Avery has been hired to develop feature screenplays for independent producers such as Rick Carter (Jurassic Park, Forrest Gump, Star Wars) and Page Feldman (Legends of Hallowaiian). Aside from the Filmmaking Industry, Avery is developing a growing reputation in the Book Publishing world as a Story Editor for novelists seeking clarity on a project already in the works.

Avery can help you craft your passion project. Whether it's an online journal, your next big novel, or a TV show idea swirling in the back of your mind... To read some of Avery's original, published writing right now, please check out the links in the footer of this webpage. If you have a story you would like Avery Rouda to doctor, please reach out in the Let's Connect section below and we can chat more in depth.

When it comes to her own precious projects, not a day goes by where Avery doesn't pick up her laptop to write, edit, or outline one project or another.

Traveling the world seems to be the best and only cure for Writer's Block. Pure inspiration.

Currently, Avery is wrapping production on her short film, Dream Catcher.


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