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Introduction to my hobby/obsession: Nutrition

Okay so to begin, I am that girl at the dinner table who brings up everything and anything that is wrong with the food on your plate.  Where it came from, what's actually in it, how it was made, and so on and so forth.  Well over the years it has become a problem and I have had to bite my tongue in more than one instances because honestly people just get really annoyed.  It's understandable I mean it's kind of the same thing as someone being like "Ew, what the f@*$ did you order"- as soon as the waiter puts your plate down.  Nobody likes those comments.  So yes I have learned to control my obsession and to only share my opinions when they are wanted (or needed). Thus, giving me an idea, I should share with those who have the choice to read what I write and then decide from there if what I say speaks to them.  So here I go, take it or leave it.


I recently became a vegetarian and it has changed the way I view the activity known as "eating". I learned so much  First off, your body is a temple.  That is cheesy and super unoriginal to start off with, but honestly there is so much truth to that saying.  You get what you put in.  Not to say your shit will be cuter and smell like daisies if you pay attention to what you eat, however as a person you will feel healthier.  I promise you that.    


Anyway I could go on forever, but right now I have to go.  Just keep in mind, eating is not just something to do.  Most people in today's society eat excessively because a.) they are bored and it's something to do, b.) possibly under the influence, c.) you ate something that your stomach found very east to break down.  So on that note today's tip (or tonight's tip) will be to eat foods that take a while to break down.  Breads, veggies, fruit, anything that hasn't been tampered with or processed.  That's where it's at! So maybe that will help cut back on excessive eating for you.  I'll be back with some more of my little things that get me through, and hopefully they can help you too!




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