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Become Your Poet

Is it just me, or do poets, artists, and even gardeners inspire you to be a better human? It's like they have a secret and when they share it with you, suddenly a new color appears on the wild canvas of your life.

The part of you that hears a lovely song and smiles, or watches Titanic and cries, is the Poet inside. Your Poet is always here, watching carefully, taking it all in. Poet sits back and lets you tinker with your tools, however strange it may seem.

Poet is in every person of every kind. And each Poet knows the other like old friends -- as if each person's Poet was a single branch on the Tree of Life. Your Poet is in your core at all times. To find it, you must look within. Fear only fear itself. Find peace of mind.

Meditate into this place. Christians call it the Soul. Buddhist call it the Self. Focus your energy here. Listen and be kind to this place, as if you were walking through a jungle, each leaf a delicate part of the greater whole. As you extend your hand to your Poet, Poet takes a step to you. Soon enough, your life will radiate meaning - full of fractal pattern, ponderable mystery, romantic colors - becoming a symphony.

Make the world a more beautiful place. Become your Poet.


Tree People

Tree People

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Island Universes