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Love and Feel Love

Love and Feel Love

For whatever reason, you go where you go and you do what you do. You're here. You've been there. You're going somewhere. It's up to you to make it good.

It'll be real or it'll be fake. It'll be high or it'll be low.

You think you're strapped in like a rider on a coaster. You think you're going fast on this thing without control.

Unbuckle yourself! Stop the crazy train. Choose to step off the beaten track. Choose to slow down, to feel the ground, to look around.

You are here. Look back, you see how. Look ahead, you see hope.

You are here. Step wisely, step proudly, step with a smile.

You are here. This universe, it holds you. Your spirit, it knows you.

Unbuckle yourself. Crack open your world.

Love and Feel Love.

Trust Your Chronos

Trust Your Chronos

Understanding Climate Change

Understanding Climate Change