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p e a c e 

Lazy Days, Writing Waves

Lazy Days, Writing Waves

Cerebral Warming

Your pieces litter on my thoughts.

You've left a messy trail.

I can't think straight.

I drift to sleep late.

Finally in my dreamland-

Your pollution chokes me awake.


Chasing my Shadow

I'm running after it,
the Sun on my back.
The dark of mystery,
this is my other half.

My intangible Soul.
Sheltered from reality.
It can grow in daylight,
Until declaring invisibility.

The truth of a universe,
the Passion of my Ego.
My sincere Life purpose;
I'm Chasing my Shadow.




Writing the fields of Lavender peels...

Bushes and bushes of these light violet stems,

With their soft pasty-green, twiggy-thin legs.

Only the sunlight can dance with these colors.

An awe in beauty, and yet, envy from all the others.

Daffodils, Pansies, and even the Daisies cannot compare,

To the lovely grown fields of Lavender.



Make a Change

Make a Change

The Deep End

The Deep End