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Wandering Mind

Wandering Mind


My world is spinning,

the shaking starts and we drop.

Soaring through space,

gravity erased.

The ozone ripped like an egg yoke-


Life seeps into the skies,

as the sun and moon wave goodbye.

My world fades to dark,

I'm one with the stars.



Time never really stops.

Reflect, to detect a way of life.

We stumble and crawl to make sense of it all.

While the truth becomes buried inside.


Happy Hour

A faint smell of must.

Anxious sweat and dust.


The noise of untold stories-

Laughing at forgotten worries.


Worn-out eyes glisten in the light,

drunk with passionate views of life.


Money well spent among good friends,

An hour we wished would never end.




Paris inspires me everyday to write  something new and to think in my own way. I use poetry to grasp a deeper meaning, and thus I hope these words I've written make for good reading.


Au Revoir



Wonder After Wonder

Wonder After Wonder

Create Karma

Create Karma